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moonless: post-mortem (Part 1)

So okay. I wanted to really investigate my project this time around. So I sat with my DP and had a little post-mortem over a pretty fancy dinner. It was really helpful for me to feel less of a failure and more of a “experimenter.” And not give in to that after production feeling of chaos. I just wanted everything to be so brilliant and perfect, eh it doesn’t ever happen. I’ve got tons of ideas - too many ideas. And I love this idea of “the workflow of filmmaking.” I want to expand on it and think about what it means to me as a filmmaker. When does my project begin? When do I bring other people in? I wanted to begin with this dialogue with my self with moonless. I wrapped the project in all my crazy ideas about workflow, communication, talent and time management. It was important to do things different not like they say in the big books or the way I was taught in grad school —- something of my own. I’m using the post-mortem to evaluate my systems and decisions.
Thanks to my DP whose allowing me to post his list. We overlapped in many places but for the most part I see how stressful it was for him to step in the “time management” role as I acted and directed. Important for the future as I plan to do more of this.
I’m open to comments or questions or suggestion. I’m hoping to dialogue. Part 2 will be delivered after post production is complete.
Here’s part 1…..


  1. transparent project (crew, cast, interested parties, and the WWW)
  2. 10 hour days
  3. (project management/team collaboration) - gear up for feature - the workflow of filmmaking study
  4. do exactly and only what I set out to do (example frame size, spaceship, characters)
  5. less compromising because of lack of….
  6. take more time to find the heart beat in the scene and learn to massage it
  7. no part time people
  8. no part time myself
  9. more testing, testing, testing
  10. more crew ownership of the project
  11. pay attention to first impressions of people
  12. experiment with more movement
  13. need assistant director/producer/partner/psychoanalyst/someone to kick over cans with
  14. try to bring everyone in as soon as possible
  15. tumblr and google docs two best forms of communication for crew, cast, and interested parties


  1. need AD/Producer - do not get in the position of managing the schedule for the director/actor
  2. more rehearsals on set
  3. gaff and grip always no skimming
  4. better communication with crew
  5. weekly meetings
  6. less sharing of google docs
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